PHOTO: Happy Fathers Day from all of us in OZ!

  • _nephilim

    Happy Fathers Day to your great family, guys! :))

  • jessica


  • Annie♣

    Aww Happy Father´s Day Joel and Lionel! <3 

  • Catalinaforme

    Happy Father’s Day !!

  • fran_arrington

    So cute !

  • ikumi


  • Leigh

    What a beautiful family shot & Happy Dad’s Day to 2 of the coolest Dad’s around! xox

  • naomi

    beautiful family, Joel and Lionel were amazing on The Voice last night.

  • jopro777

    Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday Lionel

  • Melita

    Happy father’s day to Joel and Lionel, happy Birthday to Lionel and best wishes to all of you , Beautiful family photo

  • minuoo zaahedii

    Happy Father’s Day ! i love you :-)

  • Thebrunonels


  • Amylstory


  • John Cary