PHOTO: Click click click “there’s no place like home.” Peace out Australia, we’ll miss you!

  • Claireperth

    You guys brightened up the place.. come back soon!

  • Lsmolyneux

    Seriously you guys are adorable. Joel is the most down to earth,beautiful soul. Reading his tweets this morning there is a feeling of melancholy.Love you Two xoxox

  • Rafael Centenera

    ^_^ //

  • Clermontj

    Above Shiva and Parvati cool!!!! xxx : )))) 

  • Kadee11

    bring him back. I want to adopt him. He’s so cute and warm. I think all of Australia fell in love with him.

  • Lunaa 93

    I love this couple <3

  • jopro777

    Back in the USA… Welcome Home All

  • Mosh

     Love you guys

  • Mosh

    Stay in Aus!!!