Nicole to Launch Fragrance

With a scent reminiscent of the ladylike qualities of her mother, Nicole’s first fragrance is due to launch this September. The fragrance holds notes of blackberry, orange, vanilla, golden amber, Moroccan rose, lily of the valley and papyrus, and sandalwood along with a few other ingredients.

“I wanted it to represent different layers of a woman, which is what I try to do with Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960,” said Nicole in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “I’m very particular in the way that I create. We’re in an interesting time right now where women aren’t just one thing — there are many different parts to a woman. So I wanted to create a very intricate bottle that was still elegant, but not so in-your-face girly at the same time.”

To read the rest of her interview and more details about her upcoming fragrance, check out the whole story at WWD.


Will you be wearing her debut scent?


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  • Rashie11

    I cannot wait. I will be getting this as soon as it comes out. :)

  • Ariel

    I cannot wait either! I love her HOH jewelry. Cant wait for the fragrance! <3 <3 <3

  • JuliannaB

    I cannot wait until it comes out! I want it now!

  • Cmila

    Que llegue a Chile :)

  • Charmin_z

    Where will the fragrance be sold in Canada?

  • Kayla

    I so can not wait until the fragrance comes out.

  • Ashley

    This fragrance is so beautiful and sophisticated! It’s very classy.

  • Kelly

    Is this available in Canada? If so, what stores?? Thx!!

  • Miw

    Are you planning to sell it in Tokyo, Japan ? Please !!!

  • Ann Lunn

    I too, want this one :-)

  • Ann Lunn

    I too, want this one :-)