Fashion Flick: The Thanksgiving Edition

Hopefully, you’re all stocked up on treats, ready to eat and laugh and drink wine into the wee hours- we’re definitely ready to do some of that ourselves….we’re also stoked to put on our cozies and curl up with the ones we love for some much needed R&R. You can’t have a true holiday weekend without some movies, so we’ve created a little fashion/film guide for your long weekend. ENJOY!

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving—- Striped Sweaters and Zigzags. Also, HATS. Pilgrim like hats.


2. Pocahontas– Native American/Tribal inspired dresses, rings, sweaters. Girl was fierce. Also see: TURQUOISE.


3. Home for the Holidays- A bold jacket for the winter, think, bright colors- make a statement.

4. Son in Law- YES 90′s! Remember when Becca decided to be a rebel so she dyed her hair blonde, started rollerblading and hanging out with PAULY SHORE, then got a butterfly tattoo? Man, those were the days. AND TIFFANY-AMBER THIESSEN was there.  Fashion note: The 90′s are back. Mesh, Cut-off jeans, jean jackets, Doc Martens, chunky sweaters, vests, GRUNGE.



5. Pieces of April- Braids, bracelets, combat boots.




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