Friday night I went to the Britney Spears concert and had the time of my life! I have been a huge Britney fan since I was 16 and have been to all of her concerts. I think I went to 5 shows of her last tour.

I have been looking forward to seeing her back on stage for years, and it was amazing! It was really hard to get pictures because she never stood still; I yelled and asked her to but she was too busy tending to her 50,000 other fans :).

Here’s some of my favorite pictures, it was the best concert I’ve seen in a while. No one puts on a show like Britney!

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  • magsy

    Hi Nicole, I’m your big fan:) I hope you gonna write your diary often, cause in spite living in Hollywood you seem so …ordinary and although you’re a mom now you can still act like a joyful girl, I admire that. Lots of kisses 2 you and your beautiful daughter!

  • MichaelaCZE

    Nicole! The photos are awesome, so jealous you got to see Britney perform! I just wanted to say you are my role model. I totally love your fashion style and I would love to get some pieces of your House of Harlow collection…(dont know if it is possible in Europe). I really think you are an amazing person. And I love following you on Twitter, it is so much fun, haha. I admire you! Hope you have a great day! Lots of love to you, Joel and Harlow!!! Michaela

  • Princesspaula

    I can’t really see her in the pic, sorry Nicole, but I love that picture of you with that hat on, nice. Kiss your beautiful little girl for me.

  • Miss Meliss

    Great pics! I went to her show in Tacoma and it was AMAZING. Best night of my life. I’ve also been a huge fan of Britney since I was younger, and I am so proud of her for doing so well. She’s lived a rough life but she’s back :)
    I’m glad you got to enjoy it!!

  • devious4

    Hey Nic! how you doin’? Hope all is well!! I’m a huge fan! I think you are so beautiful and I love how you are grounded. I like that you haven’t let fame change who you are. You have a cute little family and I love how you put family first. The pictures are great. I saw a few that you posted on Twitter. Yes, I follow you on twitter ;) Luv ya!! xoxo Jess

  • francesmomto3

    Glad you got to get out for a bit Nicole! Us moms need that time out. :)

  • puusje

    Hi Nicole,

    Great pictures! I would love to see a Britney show sometime, but unfortunately she isn’t planning on coming to the Netherlands any time soon.

    greetz suus

  • Erami

    Where were you sitting at? I thought forsure you would be in a skybox seat, but your pictures look closer. Perhaps ring side? You pictures are good quality, I zoomed REALLY close, so I can see Britney’s face…but the pixelation is pretty bad. :] I was hoping I would see you or Ashlee Simpson there, but no such luck :( …but I was sitting next to a couple of drunk girls, you don’t see that too often at a BS concert.

  • xtina44

    Hya. Nice Pics. Im Going To See Her In London On The 7th June. Can’t wait. Av always Wanted To Go To A Britney Concert lol. x

  • renz gines

    Wow! I love Britney, how i wish she will come and perform in our Country. I’ve been a huge brieny fan too since i was 14. I’m glad that u enjoyed the show Nicole. Take a Bunch of Care!

  • maliatkb8


    I’m happy to hear that you had an amazing time at “The Circus”!

    I went a couple of weeks ago and I’m still on a “Britney high.” It was so thrilling!

    You’re 100% right; no one puts on a show like Britney!!!


  • shoe_gal


  • shoe_gal


  • Nuno Ramos

    wow Nicole, i new from the begin that ur a top person:)it feels good that someone like you write such things… ur really grown up and ur looking beautifull..congratulations..
    i’m from switzerland but i was in L.A. for 2 weeks, saw a lot of paparazzi :)but never you:(… anyways,
    go girl:) join me on facebook.:)) would be cool:)

  • girly_chik

    I have been a britney spears fan since she started but i have never been to a concert of hers. wow nicole! thats awesome you were there. Anyways, i look up to you and i think you have become a wonderful mother. Stay beautiful and take care! :)

  • hottie_sapph

    Hey Nicole I Am New To This Whole Thing Nice To B On Your Website Thank You For Letting Me Join. Talk Soon

  • hottie_sapph

    oi im your biggest fan lol