On tap for water

Joel, Benji, and I along with UNICEF held a fundraiser for the Tap Project at MyHouse in Hollywood. It was such an amazing evening. Earlier that evening, Joel and Benji appeared on Larry King Live to talk about TAP. The rest of our family watched from home and I took some pictures of them on TV.

Once we all arrived at MyHouse we were met by friends and people who wanted to learn about The Richie-Madden Foundation. The night was intimate, informative and fun.

Joel and Benji gave a very moving speech, and shared their personal photos of their trip to Central African Republic (CAR). The night ended with an auction, and people were bidding on trips to Hawaii and Aspen. But then we decided to auction off Benji :). The women were bidding left and right, and a very lucky lady won a trip to Las Vegas with him.

The best part of the night was at the end of the auction when we told people about the opportunity to purchase actual hand water pumps (or “well hand pumps”) to bring water directly to the villages. I was so excited and humbled when our friends, one-by-one, started jumping up and offering to buy pumps!! That was the highlight of the evening, it literally brought tears to my eyes. We were able to sell 143 pumps and raised $100,000 among just a small group of friends! That alone is going to change children’s entire lives!

We had the best night, and I am so thankful for everyone who was willling to help. It really is crucial right now that we step in and help with the global water crisis. Please go here to donate. And learn MORE about the Richie-Madden Foundation.

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  • http://www.denimology.co.uk/ dangitjess

    Excellent, Nicole. Thanks for doing GOOD with your celebrity Star Power.

  • http://athinoula900.hi5.com NicoleRichieSFan

    Nicole you are so blessed for doing this!You don’t just help these people ,who are in real need, but you should really be an inspiration for so many people who has the power to do what you do!!I am SO proud to be your SUPER fan!!!I REALLY admire you and I can’t wait for the day I meet you!!!You are special Nicole,remember that!!!Kisses to you and your family from a huge fan from Greece!!I L O V E YOU!!!!! <3

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    HALLO NICOLE  I am harris